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Xinhui Photovoltaic Overview of R & D

The product R & D center of Zhejiang Xinhui Photovoltaic Technology Co.Ltd. enjoys the subsidy policy of science and technology projects in Zhejiang province. There are more than 10 technical R & D teams, including professors at the high level and more than the master. 
At the same time, a technical expert advisory group has been formed by senior experts in the industry and professors of scientific research institutes. The technology research and Development Center recruits outstanding graduates from famous universities such as Zhejiang University every year to enhance the company's R & D team.
The technology research and development center has advanced testing equipment, full range and strong research and development strength. 

Many products and projects have won the provincial and municipal awards. Several academic research papers with research value have been published in the national professional periodicals, with a number of independent intellectual property rights, it is a patent demonstration single place, and has hosted and participated in photovoltaic solar energy. 

The revise of the industry national standard and the industry standard.

Research and development strength and achievements

◆ Authorizing The 13 Invention Patents

◆ Authorized Utility Model 49 Items

◆ Electrical Connection Technology For 23 Years

◆ Zhejiang Post Doctoral Workstation


◆ National High-Tech Enterprises

◆ Junction Box National Standard Compiling Unit

◆ Connector National Standard Writing Unit

◆ Diode National Standard Writing Unit

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