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The cause of the failure of the photovoltaic module connector is revealed

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Hydropower is a necessity for people's lives. Every household cannot live without hydropower. As a country with the largest population, my country consumes a lot of energy and consumes more energy. In this context, the research and development of new and renewable energy sources and the improvement of energy utilization have become key issues that my country needs to pay attention to. "Doing a good job in carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" has become one of the key tasks in 2021.


Data shows that in 2021, the national wind power and photovoltaic power generation accounted for about 11% of the total electricity consumption of the whole society, and it will be increased year by year to ensure that the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption in the primary energy consumption will reach about 20% in 2025. Carbon reaches its peak in 2030, and the goal and commitment of carbon neutrality in 2060. With the support and promotion of national policies, the new energy field represented by photovoltaics has ushered in major development opportunities.


   Photovoltaic connector is one of the key components in the photovoltaic industry chain to realize "turning light into electricity". It is used in all links of the photovoltaic industry chain, such as junction boxes, combiner boxes, inverters, etc. With the development of the photovoltaic industry, the market volume of photovoltaic connectors is increasing day by day, but there are only a handful of domestic companies producing photovoltaic connectors. Facing the contradiction between the market demand for photovoltaic connectors and the supply of products, how should domestic connector companies seize the opportunity to innovate and develop? To this end, the "International Cable and Connection" reporter interviewed Zheng, the general manager of Wenzhou Xinhui Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd.


Xinhui Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinhui Photovoltaic") is a company specializing in the production of photovoltaic connectors. It is reported that the companys products mainly include solar photovoltaic junction boxes, connectors, and photovoltaic DC circuit breakers. And services etc. From August 26th to 27th, Xinhui Photovoltaic appeared as an exhibitor at the 2021China Electronics Hotspot Solution Innovation Summit and brought its connector exhibits. Mr. Zheng told reporters that the connectors produced by the company will mainly be applied to the photovoltaic and energy storage fields. He said: "Our company focuses on the connectors applied to solar photovoltaic inverters. Taking this perspective as a breakthrough point, we have entered the photovoltaic market. Since there are fewer domestic connector companies that have invested in the photovoltaic industry, it took us two years for Da Precision to join the photovoltaic industry chain."


Different from traditional connectors, the waterproof level of photovoltaic connectors must reach IP68 to achieve long life and high reliability. But for connectors, it is actually difficult to achieve IP68 waterproof. There are more technical difficulties and a higher degree of difficulty. Therefore, photovoltaic connectors need a reasonable design structure, stable mold processing, and higher requirements for the quality of materials. In this regard, Mr. Zheng said: "Our Xinhui Photovoltaic products have been fully studied such as Stäubli and An For foreign brands such as Feinuo, they focused on avoiding their patents, and then made certain improvements and improvements in the overall voltage and reliability, forming their own unique competitive advantage."


   In addition to the high technical difficulty, the brand benefits of foreign connectors are also the reason why few domestic connector companies enter the photovoltaic industry chain. "The connectors invested in the photovoltaic field were basically foreign brands before," Mr. Zheng said, "but now we will carry out a series of localization and then carry out localized production, so that regardless of the overall technology, There will still be a greater advantage in terms of production capacity delivery costs and other aspects." It is reported that since the year before last, the main direction of Xinhui Photovoltaic R&D has focused on the localization of imported connectors, and further expanded its own in the photovoltaic field. Product advantages.


In the interview, Mr. Zheng also mentioned that the difference between domestic and foreign photovoltaic connectors is not in performance, but in brand awareness and customer recognition. In this regard, domestic photovoltaic connectors still need time to settle. When domestic photovoltaic connectors can not only be benchmarked with foreign connectors in terms of performance, but also have advantages in terms of cost and delivery time, the market for domestic photovoltaic connectors is truly opened.


   In the face of the gradual expansion of the photovoltaic market, the demand for photovoltaic connectors has gradually increased. After full deployment, Xinhui Photovoltaic has decisively entered the photovoltaic market, researched and developed photovoltaic connectors, and expanded the company's business areas. The management level of the entire R&D team and the factory has also been improved to a certain extent. In general, the domestic market for photovoltaic connectors is large and the degree of localization is low. In this market environment, Xinhui Photovoltaic focuses on R&D, continues to innovate and develop based on its own strength, and relies on its own technology in the photovoltaic connector market. Occupy a place to help the development of my country's photovoltaic connector industry.

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