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xinhui solar photovoltaic connector Manufacturer
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solar photovoltaic connector Manufacturer

Zhejiang Xinhui Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. is a science and technology enterprise which professional engaged in solar photovoltaic junction box, connectors, photovoltaic DC circuit breaker R&D, production, sales and service.It is a national standards compilation unit in photovoltaic junction box, connectors, photovoltaic diode. It is a professional supplier of photovoltaic electrical connection reliability scheme.

In order to promote the new energy and smart grid business, the company invested heavily in the establishment of postdoctoral workstation (R & D center), which is based on doctoral talents, precision molds and experimental centers, focusing on the research and development of photovoltaic connection protection products, intelligent circuit breakers, automatic reclosing and other special low-voltage electrical appliances.
Since Xinhui was founded, we insist on technology as the root, management as the business philosophy to developed gradually. All products are independently developed and manufactured, and the main technical indicators reach the international advanced level. All products of the company have passed CSA, TUV, CGC, CQC certification in China and abroad. Now a complete PV junction box connector and other PV electrical vertical industrial chain has been formed, with a daily production capacity of more than 30,000 sets.
  • ◆ Enterprise Values
    Add value to the customers, benefit the employees and make profit for the society

    ◆ Enterprise Spirit
    Good faith and gratitude

    ◆ Vision
    The best photovoltaic connection has been widely recognized and widely recognized.

    ◆ Quality Policy
    With the market as a center, everyone is looking forward to customer satisfaction
    Make the quality as a radius, all the innovations won all win.

    ◆ Xinhui And Customers
    Because of customer needs, Xinhui has the opportunity to exist.
    If customer approval, Xinhui has a chance to live
    When customers agree, Xinhui has a chance to develop

  • ◆ 13 Invention Patents

    ◆ 49 Utility Models Patents

    ◆ 23 Years of Electrical Connection Technology

    ◆ Zhejiang Province Postdoctoral Workstation

    ◆ National High-tech Enterprise

    ◆ National Standard Compileof of Junction Box

    ◆ National Standard Compileof of Connector

    ◆ National Standard Compileof of Diode

  Cumulative shipments of 200 million pieces
  Many brand parts suppliers in the world
  Steady Financial Situation
  Optimized the Layout of the Industrial Chain
  Global Sales and Service Network
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