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Several matters needing attention in the production of photovoltaic connectors

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The development of photovoltaic connectors requires continuous advancement in technology. Only in this way can we adapt to the needs of the market and be in a leading position among the peers. The production of photovoltaic connectors is not a simple technology, it is more complicated. It must have a safe and reliable structure, high environmental and climate requirements, and a high degree of sealing, safety, and reliability. It is best to be convenient and quick to use.

The main components of photovoltaic connector are junction box part, cable part and connector part. The junction box part contains the box body, cable sealing device, wiring terminal and anti-reverse diode. 3.2 The choice of shell material As the photovoltaic connector is required to be used in a wide range of areas, the device should be able to withstand the influence of outdoor environment weather.

In the production process, there are several points to note for photovoltaic connectors:

1. Pay attention to the simple structural design requirements;

2. Note that the mechanical connection and fixing cannot be shared with the electrical connection;

3. Pay attention to the connection between the connector and the cable conductor;

4. Be careful not to damage the conductor and insulation of the cable;

5. Pay attention that the shell should not have obvious sharp edges and sharp corners;


Remember, in order to adapt to different environmental climate types, such as damp heat, warm temperature, cold, dry heat, and cold temperature, the choice of protective housing material is a key to the design of photovoltaic connectors.

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