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solar pv connector

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If you want to know more about the solar pv connector, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the solar pv connector industry. More news about solar pv connector, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more solar pv connector information!
  • There are three hidden dangers in the photovoltaic power station! XHPV photovoltaic products and solutions "ensure plant safety"
    Under the background of realizing the "dual carbon goal", it is expected that in the next five years, my country's annual new installed capacity of photovoltaics will reach 62 to 68GW, and the cumulative installed capacity of China's photovoltaic power plants will reach 561GW in 2025. In the process
  • From the perspective of the connector, look at the impact of the component power increase on the owner
    With the advancement of battery technology and module packaging technology, the power of photovoltaic modules has become higher and higher, 400Wp+ modules are in the ascendant, and 500Wp modules have entered the market. The internal logic behind this is still the industry's pursuit of low cost of electricity (LCOE), which is used to compare the cost of photovoltaic power generation with other forms of power generation (especially thermal power), and determines the long-term profitability of a power station. High-power components can reduce the cost of BOS (system balancing components), which in turn promotes the decline of LCOE, and has a broad application space in the coming era of parity Internet access. Photovoltaic connector is a kind of auxiliary material of photovoltaic module, and it is the key component of DC side connection of power station. From the perspective of the connector, how do you view the impact of component power increase on power station owners?
  • Several matters needing attention in the production of photovoltaic connectors
    The development of photovoltaic connectors requires continuous advancement in technology. Only in this way can we adapt to the needs of the market and be in a leading position among the peers. The production of photovoltaic connectors is not a simple technology, it is more complicated. It must have
  • [Photovoltaic Science] "Photovoltaic connector damage and burnout" ranks 2nd in the list of TOP20 technical failures in power plant operation and maintenance
    1.3 Photovoltaic connector failure Photovoltaic connectors account for less than 0.5% of the initial investment cost of the system, but they are a key component of the photovoltaic system. It ensures that the power generated by the system can be stably transmitted from the components to the inverter and the user side. The EU Horizon 2020 "Solar Bankability" project team gave a list of TOP20 technical failures in the operation and maintenance of power stations based on the on-site operation and maintenance data of 746 power stations. "Burn" is ranked 2nd in the failure list. According to the international standard EN50521 for photovoltaic connectors, the contact resistance must be less than or equal to 5mΩ.
  • [Dry goods] The cause of the failure of the photovoltaic module connector is revealed
    2. Failure analysis of resistance Rcr  The crimping resistance Rcr is mainly related to the crimping quality and the crimping process. We can judge the quality of crimping by the compression ratio and crimping profile. Good crimping requires a tight profile without gaps, and a regular appearance (re
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